Västkustfilé - Value-Added Quality
7 april 2015

Value-Added Quality

We create all our fish products from start to finish, either from our own ideas with the help of our chef or tasty tips from our clients. Most of them contain MSC fish.


We have many years of experience in product development as well as a varied range of processed fish products. From carefully prepared fish dishes, complete with accompaniments and tasty sauces, to large volumes for foodservice and retailing. The food store round the corner as well as the large European food wholesalers are among our clients.

Different clients, same high standards

We always maintain the same quality and production standards, irrespective of client or fish product. With large and flexible production lines we are capable of quick switches and high-capacity delivery. Whether the fish is going to be served for dinner on the west coast of Sweden or delivered to a restaurant in Germany.

Varberg is our home port

With our own chef, a solid product development and tasty tips from our clients, we have grown from a local player to a complete supplier with clients in many countries. Our base and natural home port will always be Varberg on the west coast of Sweden, though. Here is where it all started almost 40 years ago.


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