Västkustfilé - Swedish cod from the Baltic finally eco-labeled
27 june 2011

Swedish cod from the Baltic finally eco-labeled

Finally, we can enjoy cod from the Baltic on our Swedish plates with a clear conscience. The efforts of the fish industry and environmental organizations have been rewarded with MSC certification of the Baltic cod fishery. We think this is so exciting!

Traceable from place of catch to dinner table

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent, international organisation that issues certifications according to strict criteria. These criteria include that the cod is traceable all the way from where it was caught to where the consumer buys it.

Furthermore, fishing is regulated for future sustainability, the equipment has to comply with agreed rules and regulations and the quantity of fish that is thrown back into the sea has to be reduced. These are a few of the important steps that have been taken on the way toward today's sustainable Baltic cod fishing.

New demands, new ways of fishing

It is particularly exciting for Västkustfilé to be able to launch Baltic cod products, since we stand up for sustainable fishing in our nearby waters. The MSC certification proves once again that the awareness of sustainable fishing is increasing and that it is possible to find the means and adapt fishing to new demands and needs.

We are happy for the cod as well as for our fish-loving customers and partners.
Be on the lookout for Baltic cod from Västkustfilé this fall!

Read the press release at www.msc.org