Västkustfilé - We supply Europe with fish products

We supply Europe with fish products

Today, our fish is served on plates throughout Europe and we have started exporting to additional countries. At the same time, we are able to ensure a secure supply to the Swedish market. Our success is due to a dedicated and long-term effort. Increased capacity and efficiency has opened the door for continued expansion.


Our objective is to establish long-term and successful relationships with customers throughout Europe. We also work with our own brands on the Swedish consumer market.

Unique market demands and needs

We are very aware of the unique demands and needs that exist in our markets. Food trends, tastes and appearance vary between different markets and areas. We adapt our range according to the needs of the market and the wishes of our partners.


We monitor trends and changes continuously in order to quickly realise new opportunities.

Strategic location

Through our location on the Swedish west coast we are close to the large European markets. In around 6 hours we can reach, for instance, Hamburg, Oslo and Stockholm. This enables us to effectively meet the need of fast delivery.


If you want to visit us, here is a map that will help you find us.