Västkustfilé - Many strong brands

Many strong brands

As a private-label producer we collaborate with many strong brands in foodservice and food retailing. They are companies with high standards of quality and flexibility. Our partners are located in Sweden and in many other European countries. We expand steadily on existing as well as new markets.


There is a great opportunity for you to develop your product range by collaborating with us. We will always honour your brand name.

Flexible production for our partners

We quickly adapt our production according to customer needs. Our careful monitoring of the world around us enables us to effectively adjust production according to the supply of raw material and socio-environmental changes. Our company has short decision-making routes which increases efficiency.


With a modern facility and experienced staff we have a high capacity to meet the needs and demands of all our customers.

Close collaboration in product development

In the development of our product range we explore new concepts and tastes in close collaboration with our partners. Our innovation spirit is a strong one. New challenges make us see new opportunities. We examine every possible solution in order to achieve the right result.


Integrity is a key word for us. We always respect the fact that it is the customer's product.