Västkustfilé - Customers from all over Europe

Customers from all over Europe

We specialise as a private-label company with customers in foodservice and food retailing and our partners are located in Sweden and many other European countries. In Sweden we work with almost all of the catering market's fish suppliers. Our strong position in the European market has enabled us to expand with confidence and success.


We are able to supply our customers with a competitive assortment of fish products with the diversity, creative product development and effective production management contributing to good profitability.

Adaptation according to customer needs

Flexibility is a valuable tool when working with our customers. We quickly adapt our production according to their needs with new challenges bringing us new opportunities to develop. We work closely with all our customers and explore all options available to them.


A fast, effective decision making process is our trademark, ensuring an efficient outcome on all levels.

Long-term relationships create security

We build long-term relationships with our customers and for us, good communication is vital. Trust is created where there is transparency and clarity and our customers are able to see for themselves our processes, experience and flexibility. Our objective is to continue developing successful relationships with customers throughout Sweden and the rest of Europe.


Good service and quick response makes business safe. We are available whenever you wish to contact us.