Västkustfilé - We live with the sea

We live with the sea

As family-owned company from the west coast we have deep seeded roots in the marine environment. For us, supporting a sustainable fishery is a matter of the heart. Just like you, we also want to be able to enjoy good, nourishing fish in the future. We want to continue to be proud of our business and that is why we will never turn our back on the sea.


Our control of the raw material we receive is rigorous. Our fish comes from stable stocks and is caught within the set quota levels using good handling practices. A significant proportion is fished locally. Find out more by watching our

presentation film

With knowledge we can make the right environmental decisions

For us it is important to be updated on the latest research, recovery plans and political development relating to the fishing industry. This gives us the knowledge we need to act appropriately. The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) is one of our primary sources of information, advice and recommendations.


We strive to increase our use of MSC certified raw material. Read about the certification

Initiator of MSC certification

Västkustfilé started the process of certification of the Baltic cod. Research shows that the stock has recovered and is stable today. By working with the MSC certification program we contribute to a more secure future for both fish and fishermen. www.msc.org


In the WWF fish guide you can see that the Baltic cod now has been given a yellow label. In 2010 we have high hopes that it will be given a green label.