Västkustfilé - Develop your product range with us

Develop your product range with us

We have the capacity and know-how to add new, competitive products to your range. The spirit of innovation is strong within our company. "Nothing is impossible" is a motto that we return to time and time again.


Our creative development department brings you new concepts and tastes. New trends are quickly spotted and in-demand products are developed in close collaboration with our customers.


Development is a long-term objective and with patience and perseverance we achieve these goals. The result is high-quality products and satisfied customers.

Organic, gluten free and few additives

Today we are busy developing additional organic products. We are committed to ensuring that we are supplied with product harvested from ecologically sustainable stocks and fished in a responsible way. Another important aspect of our work is to ensure that we minimize the additives, such as E numbers, that are put in our products.


Our gluten-free products meet the most stringent demands of the National Food Administration. We also meet the standards of many important ecological certifications. See certifications


Quick and healthy meals

There is an increasing demand for products with an increased proportion of fish and a reduction in the amount of breading. We have developed healthy meals with as much as 80% fish, with only 20% breading and no additives.


We have developed the concept Ready-To-Eat (RTE). These pre-cooked products make it easy to enjoy fish. Simply defrost and enjoy the meal either chilled or heated.


You will find our range of RTE and healthy meals in our extensive catalogue range.  See our products