Västkustfilé - High capacity processing

High capacity processing

In our modern production facility we process fish from around the globe. Our high capacity enables us to supply both domestic and foreign customers with fish products for the catering and consumer market.


Our 10,000m2 modern processing plant can be further extended. The on-site freezer storage facility has a capacity of 2,200 pallets for our manufactured goods making delivery safe and flexible. This ensures delivery of the right product at the right time.

Flexibility and safe delivery

We have a wide reputation for running a very flexible operation. With swift, efficient decision making processes and speedy adaptations, production can be tailored to your needs accordingly. Availability of our raw production material and related environmental conditions can change, however, our production can be efficiently adjusted to compensate.


Find out more about what we can offer in our presentation film. Watch the film

Quality and service throughout the process

Our company has over three decades of experience of fish processing. We are always looking for new opportunities for development and growth. Each year we set quality objectives for our business activity. You will enjoy high-quality products at the right price.


The excellent level of service we provide ensures customer confidence throughout the process. Contact customer service