Västkustfilé - Our work goes all the way

Our work goes all the way

There is fast food and then there is fast food. Our fish portions are quite straightforward. With almost 40 years of experience of fish processing, we carefully select the fishing locations.


Using natural products with a high and growing share of MSC certified fish we put together exciting flavors and taste combinations. We take care of all of these things so that our clients do not need to do it.

In our mind there is no opposition between simple and easy on the one hand, and nourishing and tasty on the other. Fish is delicious and healthy food. We choose to vary it so that it will be suitable for as many tastes and contexts as possible.

Delicious fish and time to spare

Since our job and passion is to create delicious and healthy fish portions our clients need not do it. Whether it is the consumers at the fish counters, the caterers serving hundreds of guests or the wholesalers buying from us, they all know what they are getting. High-quality value-added fish portions.


... and time to spare.