Västkustfilé - Minimal environmental impact

Minimal environmental impact

We are continuously working to improve our environmental performance. Each year we set environmental and quality objectives for our business activity. We are working toward a sustainable fishery with minimal environmental impact. An objective is to further increase the amount of MSC certificated raw material in our production. Read more about sustainable fishery

Our environmental policy

The aim of Västkustfilé is to manufacture high-quality fish products with minimal environmental impact. We are continuously working to improve the company's environmental performance and to prevent pollution and thereby contribute to sustainable food supply.


This means that we will:


  • Minimize our consumption of energy and water and as far as possible decrease the amount of waste and emissions into the air and water.
  • Consider the environmental aspects in the choice of materials and chemicals, as well as in product development and choice of suppliers and distributors.
  • Run our operation in a way that complies with existing legal requirements and environmental licenses.
  • Listen carefully to consumers' and other concerned parties' environmental requirements.