Västkustfilé - Västkustfilé processes fish

Västkustfilé processes fish

A family-owned company we have over three decades of experience of fish processing. The company was founded in 1974 in the fishing village Bua on the west coast of Sweden. Today, we are strategically located in the coastal town of Varberg giving us fast direct access to the large European markets and making quick deliveries possible.


Our focus is processing fish from around the globe, from the raw material stage to ready product. We are primarily an outsourcing company with customers in foodservice and food-retailing. We deliver a small number of products in our own brand to the Swedish market.

Flexibility ensures great opportunities

Our business activity builds on high flexibility and adaptation to customer needs. Quick adaptations, short decision-making processes and secure delivery ensure customer confidence as well as great business opportunities.


The combination of fresh/frozen, catering, industrial and consumer products increases our competitiveness. We have a strong innovation spirit and commitment to product development.

We are growing steadily

Our company has grown steadily and securely over the years. With modern facilities, our own freezer storage and experienced staff we have a high capacity. Our establishment on the European market ensured a strong expansion. Our objective is to build long-term relationships with partners in markets of interest to us.